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hangy time

It was a good day at pickle on saturday. The wind was a blowing and the hangies and paragliders were out. We had 4 hangies and 4 paragliders out. I had a really smooth 30 min flight on my hangy. It was a real good day. Welcome to the valley Lee. You had a really sweet flight. Thanks to Pete and Wayne for the wire off.

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Not flying lately

I haven’t been really doing any paraglider or hanglider flying latley. The weather this spring has just been real weird. Plus in the last 9 months 3 of my flying buddies have been injured. One broke his ankle, another broke his leg and yet another broke his arm and back. All while commiting aviation in eighter a hanglider or paraglider. I just figured I’d wait till the weather calmed down before I got to excited about flying.

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Summer flying

I finally got some flying in this summer. I got a flight on thursday with my paraglider then friday night I got a flight with my hanglider. It was a good week.

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feb 12th flying day

I had a good day of flying. Blaine, Bruce and I went out to melba. I flew my rc slope airplane, and my paraglider. Then Blaine and I went to kuna butte and we both got a flight on our hangliders…… It was a good day. It was the first time this year I got to fly my hangy….. It was SWEET!

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Hang Gliding is not just for old people

This guys is here to prove it too.

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