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feb 12th flying day

I had a good day of flying. Blaine, Bruce and I went out to melba. I flew my rc slope airplane, and my paraglider. Then Blaine and I went to kuna butte and we both got a flight on our hangliders…… It was a good day. It was the first time this year I got to fly my hangy….. It was SWEET!

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new glider / paraglider kiting

Friday night I took my new RC canard glider out for its maiden flight. This is one of my own designs. It flies pretty good. It is definetly different then my other gliders. I had a 30 minute soaring flight. Saturday night me and Blaine went out to the sod farm to give Blaine his first episode of paragliders. He caught on pretty fast…..

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weekend flying

Last Saturday the flying sucked for paragliders. I did get a short hop in my paraglider but nothing to really get excited about. My new RC glider on the other hand was just flat awesome. It is called a HoustonHawk. It has a wingspan of 126 inches. It is one nice thermal bird. I got over 30 minutes at kuna butte flying it in only thermal lift……….

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summertime flying at the crowe

Chuck and I met Jennifer and Randy out at the crowe the other day to do some flying. The conditions were rough to say the least. I took a 50% collapse 50 off the hill. Chuck took a ride on one of his launches. Scares and road rash are cool! Blaine got another Ramair hanglider at the nationals. It sure is a pretty wing. Here are two of my own RC airplane designs. One is a 2meter glider that I call the Boisehawk. It has ailerons, elev, rudder, motor, spoilers.  The little airplane has a wingspan of 18 inchs. It is a fully 4 channell aerobatic electric airplane. It weighs less then 3 ozs.

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It looks like we have another Hangy soon to be paraglider pilot in the works. Sideshow is now a proud owner of a bag. It will be good to have another pilot to fly with. Congrats on your new flying machine……..


I also finished my extra 300. All I need now is the motor and battery. I think it will be a nice airplane to fly.


King is looking good this weekend. Friday the thermals are supposed to be workable to 20,000 msl. Allen has also been getting to 14,000 msl on the glassoffs this week. The spring fling at King Mt should be a good time. Hope to see you there……..

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