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Over the last weeks I have been working on a 40 size Extra 300. I started building the plane 4 years ago. It has been staring at me ever since then. I finally had to finish building it. 

Plus last weekend some of the hangy boys went to king for some air time. Here is a picture of Blaine at 12,000 ft. msl.

This coming weekend is the spring fling at king. Me and some of the paraglider guys as well as some hangies are making the trek for 3 days to hopefully get high and have some good flying. Hope to see you there.

I have also started collecting material to build a goat4 airchair. Look it up on the internet to see what that is about…… I need one in my flying quiver!

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First long soaring flight on my hangy.

Last Thursday I got my first long soaring flight on my hanglider. I flew for over 1 hr and 10 min. It was a sweet flight. I have also been working on revamping my GWS corsair. I flew it the other day and it flight pretty good. Time to work on my extra 300………

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hanglider flying weekend

Saturday was a really good day for flying. I had 3 good sled flights doing my first turns in my hanglider. Then I got out my paraglider and had a real nice 30 min. soaring flight. Later that day I got out my electric gentle lady and put 20 minutes on it as well. It was a really good day for flying.

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weekend flying

Saturday was a melba day. It was really strong. It was sustained wind around 40 mph. Gusting to 60mph. I didn’t even take the hanglider or paraglider. I took a fellow RC pilot out to show him the whole idea of slopeing. I launched my p-40 and watched as it was unresponsive and did a large left hand turn right into the hill then tumble like a rage doll and completely come apart. Scratch one plane for the day. My wing was the next to go flying. I launched it and it went backwards and hit the ground. So I went back to the vehicle and proceeded to tape anything I could find that had any weight to it. I ended up with a 3inch diameter piece of lead, 4 AAbatteries and 50 cents worth of pennies. I was able to fly it then. But it was barelly penetrating. I got a couple of good flight s in before we decided to bag it and go home. I’m glad I didn’t get my 2meter plane out. Over all it was a good day of flying. I hope Jeff didn’t get scared away from the slope it usually isn’t that extreme.

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Sunday Freeflight

Sunday Me and Chuck went out to the local Freeflight Gym and saw some pretty cool little RC models as well as some really nice Rubber band models. If you want more info check out There is some really cool small stuff out there.

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