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Not flying lately

I haven’t been really doing any paraglider or hanglider flying latley. The weather this spring has just been real weird. Plus in the last 9 months 3 of my flying buddies have been injured. One broke his ankle, another broke his leg and yet another broke his arm and back. All while commiting aviation in eighter a hanglider or paraglider. I just figured I’d wait till the weather calmed down before I got to excited about flying.

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Eddy, Arron and I tried to fly Warmsprings mesa tonight after work. The wind never really came down under 25 mph. So we had a good parawaiting/kick rocks session…..

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Pickle Butte

Pickle Butte was a little funky today. The thermals really never formed. It was pretty punchy to say the least. I got two flights in my paraglider and one flight in with my hangy. Blaine got to fly his new ramair. I got another misc picture of chuck. Nothing like waiting for the wind to come down. Congrats to chris for taking his first flight in his paraglider….. Way to go! I was a sweet day…….

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weekday flying

I and Chuck decided to take a afternoon off and so see if we could find a new place to fly. Chuck has been spending some time on google earth. He found a mountain site that looks like it has some potential but getting there has been a problem. The access roads have all been private and posted.

We decided to go to shaw and possibly catch a glassoff. We got up there and the wind was lite and we had some high cloud cover. The thermals were not really working. We took some picts and decided to try the crowe.

This was my first hike for the crowe this year. We got 45 good min of flying before we landed. It was a good day.

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weekend was all about rain.

The fly in was good Friday night with CJ working till after dark. Then the rain moved in and shutdown the whole valley for the weekend. You win some and you loose some…….