new glider / paraglider kiting

Friday night I took my new RC canard glider out for its maiden flight. This is one of my own designs. It flies pretty good. It is definetly different then my other gliders. I had a 30 minute soaring flight. Saturday night me and Blaine went out to the sod farm to give Blaine his first episode of paragliders. He caught on pretty fast…..

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best glassoff this year so far

Rob and I made the trek out to pickle butte today for the glassoff. The day was looking good for some thermal flying but Not being able to fly in the afternoon just sucks sometimes. We did get a real nice glassoff. I got 1 hr and 40min worth of airtime. Rob had around 1hr and 20 minutes. It was one of those days were you can just go anywhere and do anything. We got to see a real nice sunset. It was a real good day.

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