weekend fun

Last Saturday was a good day of flying. I took my first hanglider lesson early Saturday morning. I sure hope it gets easier. Ground handeling in no wind really sucks.  After that Bruce, Eddy and I all went to Barclay Bay and I got around a 1hour of flying in. Bruce got a good couple of flights plus about 30 min. of ground handling.  Eddy also had some good flights. After that Bruce and I went out to Melba. We met rob and clancy out there. I got another 15 minutes of flying. The wind was a little light so we went to Pump road. I then got another 10-15 mintutes there as well. I sank out and watched Clancy have fun before the guys came and picked me up. We decided to go back to melba. (It was on the way home.) When we got there clancy and rob both decided to fly. Clancy got a good 15minutes and Rob got a long sled ride.

It was a good day!

Sunday I went out with Andy and helped him fly his RC Airplane. Way to go Andy!

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