Pickle Butte

PickleButte was good on saturday. I went out there with the intention of flying my hanglider. I got out there and the wind was blowing 20-25 on the hill. The hangies were already set up and one was even flying. I set up my hanglider to see the wind die down. It was around 2ish in the afternoo. Me being a new hangy pilot I decided flying in those miday conditions was not for me. Blaine got his glider out as well and decided to launch. He immediatly hooked a thermal and was gone. I was in the process of retreiving a hangy at the bottom when he did this. I got back to launch to see some paraglider pilots had arrived. The wind had really died off so I threw on my paraglider gear and launched. I flew around for about 20 minutes then sunk out and side hill landed. I decided to side hill launch into a cycle instead of walk to the top. I launched into a good cycle and proceeded to go to cloud base. I have never been to cloud base before. I was pretty cool. When you are at 8300+ the world looks really cool. I was about 3 miles south of pickle when I left the thermal. I proceeded to head to a buddies house and I landed in there yard. He lives 4 miles NorthEast of pickle. When I got back to pickle I set up my hangy and took a 4minute sled ride to the bottom. It was a good day.

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