Pickle Butte was on again….

This saturday was one of the best flights I’ve had in a long time. I would say it is was one of the top 10 days I’ve ever had at pickle. I got there a littel late but the wind was blowing good. I flew my paraglider for about 20 mintes then set up my hanglider. I got a 10 minute flight out of my hanglider. Then we went back to the top and the glassoff was just starting. I jumped back into my paraglider and we flew for around 1.5 hrs. There were 4 paragliders and two hanglider pilots flying. It was a Sweet flight. You could get 300 over and stay there all day long. Wayne finally got a long ride in his paraglider…… SWEET. I also got a soaring flight in my hangy…….. It was a good day.

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