Memorial Weekend Flying

What a weekend of flying……… Saturday was at the spring fling at king mt. Allen from King Mt. gliders always puts ona godds show. Saturday morning we headed to lower launch for a mornign sleddy. Kyle took his first sleddy off of King. Way to go. About 11:30 the thermals turned on and the sky was full of paragliders. It was pretty cool to see all those flying machines at once. I launched and got to 8500 ft. real easy. With the thunderstorms forming it was looking pretty gloomy so I punched out into the valley. All the other pilots headed for the LZ. I decided to head for the King Mountain Glider Park. I was on my way when I found a really nice thermal. Back up to 8500 ft. To make a long story short I landed 6 miles and 4 thermals down range. It was a really good flight. Shortly after the valley filled with clouds/thunderstorms and the flying was over for the day. Sunday morning we awoke to rain and total cloud cover. around 10 the rain had stopped and coytote was working. We all headed up to do some flyin. Around 12 is was getting pretty rough so we all headed to the LZ. Two hours later the thunderstorms came back so we called it a day. We headed back to boise to do some flying. I would like to thank John Kangus for letting us stay at the GliderPark. He is putting together a world class place.

Monday we went a flew 8th street. The thermals were good and workable. Wayne, Mark and Tyler all had really good flights. They all got to 10,000 and flew for around 3 hrs. I had a really nice flight but I got drilled and landed at the LZ after a 45 min flight. Later that day me and Rob went to pickle for the glassoff. We flew for around 45 min before it stopped working. Scot brought out his brand new Lambada. Congrats on your new wing. It looks Sweet.

It was a good weekend of flying!

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  • Things ‘go’, even if I don’t…

    The King trip was fun. Over Memorial Day Greg, Kyle and I went over to Moore, Idaho to the Spring Fling at King. We left early and got there early enough to get Kyle off lower launch for his second ever paraglider flight. I didn’t know he was so …

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