US Hanglider Nationals

This last week was the US Hanglider Nationals at King Mountain. Chuck and I went to fly the weekend and monday. We had some good flights of Coyote and lower launch. We met some visiting pilots and had a good time in the park camping. We flew with a visiting paraglider pilot Lyne on Monday. I also got to hangout with Dennis Pagen.  He is a pretty cool. It was good time.

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  • LynePerry


    Thanks for saving my life at King Mnt. lower launch. Never trust an HG pilot to give weather conditions to a PG pilot (just kidding). I had a great time thanks to you and Chuck for giving me proper site briefings. And now I have my first photos of me on my Sigma 6.

    Cheers, Lyne

    Comment | August 3, 2009

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