lake lowell

Today was a very strong day at pickle. Blaine, and John both jumped off the hill with there hangies. Blaine had a 1hr flight while John had about a 10 minute ride. The thermals were a little funky today so it made staying up hard. The sink was very strong. I didn’t even get my hangy out of the bag. I did get a early flight with my paraglider. It was a little rough but not bad. It was getting strong so I decided to land. Later that day me and some of the other paraglider pilots decided to go try to fly the dam at lake lowell north of pickle. It was¬†quiet ¬†strong and gusty to actualy get a good launch. I came close one time but almost bought the farm in doing so…… whoops…….. Then we headed back to pickle to get a late flight. It was still strong but I managed to get off. I had about a 10minute flight. I got out infront and about 250 over when the wind came back up and I just got parked. I decided to land after I was getting blown back at a pretty good rate. I would call it a good day over all.

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