Crowes Inn *This site is closed to Flying!*

View from the Landing Zone

View from the Landing Zone

****This site is closed to flying!****

The Crowes Inn flying site “350 ft verticle” is just north of were Warm Springs meets the highway to Lucky Peak. You turn off of Warm Springs just past the crosswalk and go east. You have to park and walk to the top. This site has a wind sock on the ridge. It works best with a Northwest wind. Call the Boise Airport if it is above 7 mph it is flyable at the Crowe. The airport will give you degrees in what way the wind is blowing, if it is betweem 260-360 it is flyable.
This site was recently sold to a developer. The PG and HG guys have been working with the developer to kind of form a flying park. This would hopefully¬†include a road to the top. Right now you can’t drive to the top. If you don’t feel like hiking. This site probably isn’t for you. The site¬†has really good glassoff conditions. This is a very active site in afternoon conditions. I would not recommend flying it in the afternoon unless you are a experienced pilot who has flown it before. Flying after 5pm is recommended.

Boise Airport # (208) 388-4640

a hangie at crowe......

a hangie at crowe......

Video of me launching and doing a flyby.

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