Pickle Butte

google image of site

google image of site

A view of pickle

A view of pickle

700-600ft vertical hill located south of Nampa, ID.

Take the highway 45 south like you are going to melba. Turn right off of the highway(west) to go toward the landfill. The road will take a hard right turn(north) after you reach the dump. Before the road turns right you will see a dirt road going left. Take the dirt road and follow it around the gate. Continue to follow the road around the top of the hill (you will be going west) the road will branch off to three main launch sites. The main flying sites are on the west side of the butte. You can fly slope right above the motorcycle track
East launch (Kalbus launch) This launch works well for wind coming directly out of the north or north east. the top of the hill is pretty rounded so you can do some really good Dynamic type soaring. There is a wind sock or streamer on launch. The landing is pretty nice and rock free.

Looking west Flying Pickle Butte

Looking west flying Pickle Butte

The main launch(red rock road) is the main flying site for Pickle Butte. it has a wind sock, hanglider launch, and paraglider launch. This launch is on private property so please don’t litter, shoot guns, or treat it badly. This launch works well with any wind coming from the northwest to northeast. The landing is pretty rocky.
The west launch is located on the very west side of the butte. It works well for those days were the wind is more west then anything. The landing is also pretty rocky. There is a windsock at this site. Part of the west launch is on private property. So please respect it.
Pickle Butte is a very special place. You will be able to meet and fly with hanglider and paraglider pilots. Ultralights also land out there from time to time. Please be nice to everybody. We are all out there to fly in the free lift.

FAA rules give hanglider and paraglider pilots the right of way on every occasion.

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